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Latest News

UNC Works to Create Campus Food Pantry

Carolina CupboardWe interviewed a leader from the University of North Carolina Student Government about the student government’s efforts to establish a campus food pantry.

Please tell us your name and current position in student government. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are: your year, major, any other background info you’d like to share.
My name is Roderick Gladney and I am a current junior Chemistry major, minoring in African, African American, and Diaspora Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Read More

UGA SGA Fights to Create Women’s Center

We interviewed the Vice President of the University of Georgia Student Government Association to find out more about the group’s campaign to establish a women’s center on campus.

Please tell us your name and current position in student government. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are.
My name is Uzma Chowdhury and I’m Vice President of the SGA. I am a senior English and Political Science Undergrad and Nonprofit Organizations Grad student.Read More

How To: Running Issue Campaigns

When we look around the country, the most effective student governments that we see are the ones that run carefully planned campaigns.

Many student governments plan events or pass resolutions about important issues, but running a campaign requires going further. A campaign is a long-term project where a student government focuses their energy and effort on a single issue. It takes planning and commitment, and allows a student government to win bigger victories than they could achieve in any other way.

We’ve written this spring about some amazing campaigns, including ASUW’s campaign to win funding for higher education, UTK SGA’s campaign to protect student fees, and ASBSU’s campaign to stop concealed weapons from being allowed on campus.Read More

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"The best thing about the Student Government Resource Center's training is that it teaches your student government to act. Instead of just talking about problems, their trainers showed our members how to move toward concrete, achievable solutions."

-Ethan Senack, UConn Undergraduate Student Government