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Latest News

University of Nevada Students Connect With City of Reno

We recently interviewed Nick Andrew, the Speaker of the Senate for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN). We spoke to him about ASUN’s “Campus to the City” initiative to connect students with the city of Reno.

Please tell us your name and current position in student government. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are: your year, major, and any other background info you’d like to share.
My name is Nick Andrew. As the Speaker of the Senate for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, I run the legislative branch of ASUN. I am a senior studying neuroscience and I plan to go to medical school after graduation.Read More

UCSB Shares Voices of Hunger

ASUCSB Food BankWe recently spoke with Juli Nguyen from the Food Bank run by the Associated Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara (ASUCSB). She told us about “Voices of Hunger,” the Food Bank’s new campaign to raise awareness about student food insecurity.

Please tell us your name and current position with the ASUCSB Food Bank. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are: your year, major, and any other background info you’d like to share.
My name is Juli Nguyen. I am a third-year Economics and Accounting major. I currently hold the Vice Chair position on the Food Bank Committee.

How did you get involved with ASUCSB and the Food Bank?
I first learned about the Food Bank toward the end of my first year. I remember having back-to-back classes and labs one day (back when I was still a bio major), causing me to miss all of the dining commons hours. I was really hungry and, conveniently, didn’t have my wallet on me that day. I knew that there were usually lots of events that offered free food on campus, so I searched for “free food UCSB” and the AS Food Bank popped up! I remember how much the Food Bank felt like home to me, with the comfy sofas and free coffee. I’ve been an avid Food Bank user ever since.Read More

Ending Hunger on Campus

Toolkit coverHunger is a reality everywhere – even on college campuses.

As college becomes less affordable, more students are living on the edge. For some, it’s an ongoing struggle just to get enough to eat.

Recently, this problem has prompted some colleges to set up on-campus food pantries to help students in need. New pantries are opening every semester.

Many student governments are interested in opening a campus food pantry, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s why we’ve created this toolkit to provide the resources you need to create and operate a successful food pantry on your campus.

Please download the toolkit today!

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