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Latest News

University of Iowa Crowdsources Project Ideas

iowa_ideas_logoWe recently had the opportunity to interview a student leader from the University of Iowa Student Government about Iowa Ideas, their innovative new program to get the student body to share ideas about campus problems and how to fix them.

Please tell us your name and current position in student government. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are: your year, major, any other background info you’d like to share.
My name is Jeffrey Ding and I am the Vice President of the University of Iowa Student Government. I am a junior studying political science, economics, and Chinese. I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved to the United States when I was three.

How did you get involved in UISG?
I was chosen as a freshman senator (five spots are reserved for first-years), so I was able to get involved right away.

Please describe Iowa Ideas. What does it do?
Iowa Ideas is a crowd-sourced idea generation site, which functions as a “Reddit” for initiatives to improve the University of Iowa. Anyone affiliated with the University of Iowa can contribute ideas to the site and vote up other ideas they think would be good to implement.Read More

Duke Uses Research to Be More Effective

The Duke Student Government (DSG) recently launched a new program, the DSG Research Unit, to study campus issues and help the DSG make more informed decisions on campus policies. We interviewed Abhi Sanka, the DSG Executive Vice President, to find out more about the research program.

Please tell us your name and current position in student government. Please also tell us a little bit about who you are: your year, major, any other background info you’d like to share.
My name is Abhi Sanka and I am the current Executive Vice President of Duke Student Government. As Executive Vice President, my responsibility is to broadly oversee week-to-week management of Student Government’s operations, and preside over our Student Government Senate. I am a Junior at Duke, pursuing a major in Public Policy and a Certificate in Genome Sciences and Policy. This past summer I interned at the Institute of Medicine on the Roundtable for Translating Genomic Based Research into Health, and my academic passions lie in politics, health policy, and personalized medicine.Read More

Get Your Nonpartisan Voter Guides

Our friends at the Campus Election Engagement Project have created a series of nonpartisan voter guides for most of the big Senate and Gubernatorial races around the country. The guides combine data from Project Vote Smart and other reliable sources to show you where the candidates stand on a variety of important issues.

These guides are a great tool for your get-out-the-vote efforts. One reason that many students give for choosing not to vote is because they feel like they don’t know enough about the candidates to make an informed choice. Handing out these voter guides is one way to help them find the information they need.

You can download the guides for your state from the CEEP website.

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"The best thing about the Student Government Resource Center's training is that it teaches your student government to act. Instead of just talking about problems, their trainers showed our members how to move toward concrete, achievable solutions."

-Ethan Senack, UConn Undergraduate Student Government