Hunger On CampusWe’re excited to announce the release of our new research report, “Hunger On Campus,” on the issue of campus food insecurity. A couple years ago, we started noticing the growing concern on campuses about students who were going hungry or homeless. When we looked into this issue more carefully, we were shocked at how widespread the problem seemed to be. In order to better understand the issue of student hunger, we partnered with several other groups to carry out a nationwide survey. We ended up surveying 3,765 students in 12 states attending eight community colleges and 26 four-year colleges and universities. We found that more than 1 in 5 students surveyed qualified as hungry. In addition, we found that many food insecure students are working at jobs, receiving financial aid, and seeking out assistance, but are still struggling to get by. For us, the report has reaffirmed that we need to do a better job of supporting students in need. Check out the report and our complete findings here. You should also download our toolkit for student governments on how to create a campus food pantry. Please also check out our partners on this project: the College and University Food Bank Alliance, the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, and the Student Public Interest Research Groups.