Training SpeakerAs long as college students are faced with problems, student governments will be there to advocate on their behalf. In order to be effective, student governments must be well equipped to mobilize their fellow students, work with decision makers, generate community support, recruit volunteers, and develop additional leaders.

The Student Government Resource Center’s team of trainers has extensive experience in grassroots organizing and advocacy, and we take our training program on the road to campuses across the country. Bringing our training program to your campus will give your student government the skills to get more results for the campus community.

We have a wide variety of possible workshops. You can pick from pre-packaged training agendas, or we can assemble a customized agenda based on your student government’s needs.

Some of Our Past Workshops

Workshops About Leadership Skills

  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Training and Managing Volunteers
  • Developing Leaders for Tomorrow
  • Public Speaking
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Managing Your Time

Workshops About Campaign Skills

  • Identifying and Defining the Issues
  • Lobbying 101: Communicating With Decision Makers
  • Building Public Support: Petition Drives, Letter-Writing Drives, and Call-In Days
  • Organizing a Lobby Day
  • Power-Mapping Decision Makers
  • Media Outreach 101
  • Organizing a Press Conference
  • Writing Opinion Editorials and Letters-to-the-Editor
  • Crafting Your Message
  • Making a Plan for Big Events or Big Projects
  • Publicity: Getting the Word Out
  • Setting Realistic and Motivating Goals

Workshops For Strengthening Your Student Government

  • Building a Campus-Wide Coalition
  • Making a Campus Relations Plan
  • Visibility: Building Your Image on Campus
  • Making a PR Plan for Your Student Government
  • Developing a Student Government Internship Program

Recruitment Workshops

  • Planning a Recruitment Drive
  • Making Class Announcements
  • Effective Tabling
  • Running a Phonebank
  • Using Publicity to Recruit Volunteers

Voter Registration and Get-Out-the-Vote Workshops

  • Planning a Voter Registration Drive
  • Get-Out-the-Vote 101: Overview of Strategies and Tactics
  • Using Social Networks and New Media to Mobilize Young Voters
  • Getting Media Attention for the Youth Vote
  • Building a Campus-Wide Voter Registration Coalition

Workshops About Developing State Student Associations

  • Starting a State Student Association
  • Building Support for your State Student Association
  • Developing a Statewide Field Campaign
  • Making a Three-Year Plan for your State Student Association
  • Ten Ways to Strengthen your State Student Association

Issue Briefings

  • Reauthorizing the Federal Higher Education Act
  • Textbooks: Why They’re So Expensive and What You Can Do to Change It
  • Protecting Students’ Voting Rights
  • Tenants’ Rights and What They Mean for Students
  • Campus Sustainability Initiatives
  • Basics of Student Fee Autonomy
  • History of Student Government and Student Empowerment in the U.S.
  • History and Types of State Student Associations