Save Student Aid In response to our recent action alert, more than 70 student government presidents signed a letter to Congress urging them to oppose cuts to student aid programs. Thank you to everyone who took action! Unfortunately, the U.S. House and Senate still chose to move forward with these cuts. The cuts in the House’s version of the budget are especially harsh and include:
  • $90 billion from Pell Grants, which support nine million low-income students;
  • $34 billion from in-school interest subsidies, which protect students from paying interest on their student loans while they’re still in school; and
  • $27 billion from programs like income-based repayment and public service loan forgiveness that provide a safety net for graduates with student debt.
However, these cuts are a long way from becoming final – and we’re going to fight them at every single turn. Over the next few months, the House and Senate will be working to complete the budget. We’ll continue organizing to convince Congress to drop these cuts from the final budget. As opportunities come up for you to take action, we will let you know how you can help. Thank you again for helping to make higher education more affordable.