studentvotedotorgThe first big wave of colleges and universities started classes this week. And since it’s an even-numbered year, that also means that it’s the beginning of voter registration season on campus. Lots of student governments run voter registration drives, but many don’t know how to incorporate online voter registration into their efforts. It’s time for that to change. That’s why we’re helping student governments this fall to add online tactics into their voter registration drives using was created by Rock the Vote and the PIRG New Voters Project to give students the best tool available for running an online voter registration drive. The site is available for any student government to use for free and it allows you to track exactly how many students from your school register through the site. It also provides you with your registrants’ contact information so that you can send them vote reminders on Election Day. As you plan your voter registration drive for this fall, consider making part of your plan. We can help you with advice on how to put the site to the best use on your campus. Once you’ve taken the site for a test drive, you can also check out this fact sheet we put together about the site and its features. This is just the first of several major resources we’ll be providing this fall to help students run voter registration drives. Keep an eye out for more in the next couple weeks.