Elect HerIn the halls of power, women are seriously outnumbered. Men continue to dominate elected office at every level. This is even true in student government, despite the fact that women dramatically outnumber men on campus. Elect Her is an exciting project that encourages women to run for office. As one of their strategies for involving more women in government, their “Elect Her – Campus Women Win” program encourages and trains women to run for student government. By getting women to run for office early in life, they hope to inspire those women to later pursue elected office at all levels of government. Elect Her – Campus Women Win is a collaboration between AAUW and Running Start. Their program features a one-day training that teaches women how to communicate effectively, develop their campaign message, and mobilize voters on election day. This year, Elect Her will host trainings on fifty campuses. The program is seeing real results. In 2013, 16 women trained by Elect Her ran for president of their student government. Among their success stories from the past year:
  • Anna Lubitz was re-elected for a second term as president of the Undergraduate Student Government at Stony Brook University.
  • Stefani Jones was elected president of Duke University’s student government.
  • Julia Susuni was elected president of the George Washington Student Association.
  • Amber Lopota was elected president of the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University.
  • Ana Morales was elected president of the Campus Governance Association at Denison University.
 To find out more about Elect Her or to bring their training to your campus, visit the AAUW website.