Fall Highlights from the Open Textbook Alliance

Now that the semester is wrapping up, we wanted to send you some highlights from our work with the Open Textbook Alliance. Because of the work that you and other student government leaders have done to promote open textbooks, students across the country are saving millions of dollars each year.Read more

Get Your Nonpartisan Voter Guides

Our friends at the Campus Election Engagement Project have created a series of nonpartisan voter guides for most of the big Senate and Gubernatorial races around the country. The guides combine data from Project Vote Smart and other reliable sources to show you where the candidates stand on a variety of important issues.

These guides are a great tool for your get-out-the-vote efforts. One reason that many students give for choosing not to vote is because they feel like they don't know enough about the candidates to make an informed choice. Handing out these voter guides is one way to help them find the information they need.

You can download the guides for your state from the CEEP website.

Elect Her Trains Women to Run for Student Government

Elect HerIn the halls of power, women are seriously outnumbered. Men continue to dominate elected office at every level. This is even true in student government, despite the fact that women dramatically outnumber men on campus.

Elect Her is an exciting project that encourages women to run for office. As one of their strategies for involving more women in government, their "Elect Her - Campus Women Win" program encourages and trains women to run for student government. By getting women to run for office early in life, they hope to inspire those women to later pursue elected office at all levels of government.

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