Fall Highlights from the Open Textbook Alliance

Now that the semester is wrapping up, we wanted to send you some highlights from our work with the Open Textbook Alliance. Because of the work that you and other student government leaders have done to promote open textbooks, students across the country are saving millions of dollars each year.Read more

Join the Open Textbooks Call to Action

Open Textbook AllainceTextbooks are way too expensive. Fortunately, we have an alternative -- open textbooks are quality books, written and peer-reviewed by experts, that professors and students can use for free. Colleges are already saving students millions of dollars by using open textbooks in a relatively small number of classes. Now it's time to make open textbooks the norm on campus.Read more

Kicking Off a New Year

Student government elections are wrapping up at colleges across the country. New student leaders are being sworn in, launching new administrations.

As your student government goes through this transition, here are ways you can help your new members succeed.Read more

Join the Open Textbook Movement

Open Textbook AllainceThe cost of higher education is way too high. An often overlooked part of this problem is the soaring price of textbooks – in fact, the cost of textbooks has almost doubled in the last decade. With just five large publishing companies controlling 80% of the textbook market, publishers have been able to hike up their prices without fear of competition.Read more

Turning Out the Campus Vote

Voter registration and GOTV toolkitThe Presidential election is coming up in just a few months. That means that it's time to start planning for your fall voter registration and get-out-the-vote programs.Read more