Now that the semester is wrapping up, we wanted to send you some highlights from our work with the Open Textbook Alliance. Because of the work that you and other student government leaders have done to promote open textbooks, students across the country are saving millions of dollars each year. Here are some recent highlights from around the country: The University of Illinois Student Government ran a highly visible social media campaign to raise awareness about the burden of textbook prices on students. The Illinois State University Student Government Association is in talks with their administration to create a faculty grant program to fund their switch to open textbooks. The ISU Student Government is also planning to allocate some of their own funding to get the grant program off the ground. The Virginia Tech Student Government Association partnered with their university’s library to hold a panel discussion showcasing the experiences of students and faculty with open textbooks. The Saginaw Valley State University Student Association just passed a resolution calling on their faculty to adopt open textbooks. They are joining Texas State, Iowa State, Virginia Commonwealth, and other campuses that have passed resolutions this fall. A survey of over 850 UNC students conducted by North Carolina PIRG and the University of North Carolina Student Government found that 64% of respondents had photocopied substantial portions of textbooks to avoid purchasing them. A new study of students’ experiences with open textbooks found that students considered open textbooks equal to or better than traditional textbooks in terms of quality and engagement. We’re excited about all the work that is happening to lower the cost of textbooks. Let’s carry this momentum into the new year!